MSU Technologies

MSU Technologies is Michigan State University’s technology transfer and commercialization office.

They facilitate the commercial development and public use of technologies and copyrightable materials developed by MSU faculty and staff. The goal is to move MSU’s technologies from the lab to the marketplace to improve lives and communities locally, regionally, and around the world.

To accomplish that goal, MSU Technologies:

  • manages the university’s extensive intellectual property portfolio, evaluating the commercial potential of each invention
  • works with MSU researchers on the invention disclosure and technology transfer process
  • protects inventions by filing patent applications
  • markets and licenses commercially viable technologies to large corporations and small-to-mid-sized businesses
  • works with Spartan Innovations to launch start-up companies based around MSU technologies
  • facilitates confidential disclosure and material transfer agreements (CDA/MTA)

Intellectual Property and MSU Technologies

Since the Foundation’s inception, it has provided significant underwriting of Michigan State University’s intellectual property program. The Foundation’s emphasis in this area is to:

  • Advocate integration of all intellectual property activities through a common mission and team under the leadership of the Vice President for Research,
  • Assume a facilitating role as MSU, MSU Technologies and MBI implement shared technology commercialization goals, and
  • Actively support and underwrite MSU’s intellectual property and patenting programs through MSU Technologies.
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