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Red Cedar Ventures

Pre-Seed Fund

The Pre-Seed Fund assists with early and mid-stage funding. Through investment tranches, funds are provided for startups to support the formation of the company and the team, seek additional non-dilutive funding, and provide the early needed capital to position it for angel and venture participation.

Opportunity Fund I

The Opportunity Fund is our late-stage fund that provides additional support and funding as companies de-risk and seek venture funding. This funding provides late-stage capital as companies are commercialized.

Partnerships and Collaborations

RCV has significant partnerships and collaborations to assist in its vision. Its close relationships with Michigan State University Technologies and Spartan Innovations provides a robust pipeline of early-stage technologies for cultivation and assessment. RCV also partners with Spartan Innovations in the facilitation of Conquer Accelerator program. When possible working with Spartan Innovations, RCV assists in bridging Industry and Statewide Commercial entities in innovations and partnerships around startups with the vast and talented resources surrounding Michigan State University.

The Burgess Institute For Entrepreneurship and Innovation empowers students to learn through action by providing programs, courses, and resources to foster an entrepreneurial mindset, develop empathy, and create new ventures – another pipeline created for student startups in search of funding and support.

RCV also supports the University Research Park (UCRP). UCRP manages over 200,000 square feet, where new startups throughout campus and the Mid-Michigan region can rent office space and access essential resources.

As a member of the Michigan Venture Capital Association, RCV works in concert to support startups in Michigan in coordination with Invest Detroit, Invest Michigan, Renaissance Ventures and other ecosystem partners looking to impact Michigan's economy.

RCV provides many resources to help launch entrepreneurial ventures including funding, mentorship and coaching, board participation, commercial/market assessment, startup advising, business documentation and support services, partnership opportunities related to MSU, and consulting on overall strategy and execution. 


Supported Programs

Venture Capital Investment Competition
Student Venture Investment Fund
Michigan State Blockchain Association
Conquer Accelerator
Burgess New Venture Challenge

Venture for America
Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition
Michigan Venture Capital Association
Michigan Celebrates Angels