Red Cedar Ventures

Red Cedar Ventures is inspired by Michigan State University’s faculty, staff, and students. Our venture capital fund focuses on growing MSU-based startup companies and accelerating commercialization of MSU technologies.

Our goal is to provide participatory, growth-stage capital to new companies and technologies that have secured lead funding from a venture capital firm.

Opportunity Fund: A General Investment Approach and Criteria

Red Cedar Ventures is committed to Michigan State University’s best and brightest. Consideration and selection for the Opportunity Fund is based on the following criteria:

  • The company is commercializing technology that has been created at—and has an active, compliant IP license from—Michigan State University.
  • The technology has achieved proof of concept or prototype and is ready for commercial product development.
  • The company has identifiable customers and a compelling value proposition.
  • The company has a pathway to a viable reimbursement strategy and regulatory approval, when applicable.
  • The company has a lead investment from a reputable venture firm or corporate venture arm.

Red Cedar Ventures Pre-Seed Fund

Our Pre-Seed Fund provides validation and “first money” to startups formed to commercialize inventions out of Michigan State University. Our aim is to bridge the gap between MSU research and a company’s commercial launch. Investments from this fund are offered either as grants or convertible notes. Direct equity investment is available.

The pre-seed fund deploys $750K per year to over ten projects. For startups that successfully reach their benchmarks, Red Cedar Ventures’s Opportunity Fund can then become a follow-on option.

Pre-Seed Fund: A General Investment Approach and Criteria

  • Technology or startup must be based on a Michigan State University invention or copyright that has been disclosed to Michigan State University Technologies and is under active IP management.
  • Startup may be based on a student idea that may not necessarily be owned by Michigan State University.
  • The startup must have a clearly defined path towards the necessary Plan, People, and Funding to ensure the success of the venture.
  • Full support of the pre-seed fund is predicated upon obtaining matching funding from other investment sources or grant programs.
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